60/40 Child Custody Schedules... alternating weekends plus more

A 60/40 custody split means a child spends 4 nights per week with one parent and 3 nights with the other. Here are the best examples of 60/40 parenting schedules, including schedules by age and plans with alternating weekends.

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March 17, 2020

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These examples of 60/40 custody schedules are the top-rated plans according to Timtab AI software. Timtab finds the best parenting timetables based on child ages, travel times, parent preferences, etc. The example schedules are often recommended for joint custody plans with 60 40 care percentages.

What Does 60/40 Custody Mean?

A 60/40 custody schedule means a child spends about 60% of their time in the care of one parent and 40% with the other. That works out to 4 nights per week with the main carer and 3 overnights with the "40% parent".

An allocation of 4 and 3 nights per week actually gives a 57% to 43% split. That's the closest to 60/40 you can get with a simple weekly or fortnightly schedule.

60/40 parenting schedules are used when you have a joint custody arrangement. In particular, there is joint physical custody. Other terms may be used such as shared care and shared parenting.

While not providing exactly equal time, the care split under 60/40 is quite even. Children are considered to have two homes and live with both parents under joint custody. Joint physical custody is where both parents have visitation time of at least 35 percent.

60 40 Schedule with Alternating Weekends

A 60 40 schedule with alternating weekends is ideal for school-age children where both parents live quite close to the school area. Each parent gets "on" and "off" weekends with the child or children. As well, both parents are able to have overnights during the week – without the need for long trips before or after school.

Schedule for a young child attending school

60/40 custody schedule for a school-age child

For a young school-age child – aged around 5 to 8 – the highest-rated schedule has alternating weekends. Weekend visits with the "40% parent" are for two nights, from Saturday morning to Monday morning.

  • Other visits with the minority-care parent are every Wednesday, alternating Mondays and alternating Fridays.
  • The child is never away from either parent for more than 2 nights.

Older child aged 8 or more

60/40 custody schedule for an older child

The top-rated schedule for older children, including teenagers, has extended weekends of 3 overnights – reflecting that older children can better handle longer absences from each parent. Monday visits also alternate, as well as each Wednesday to Friday morning.

  • The child spends every Tuesday with the main carer.
  • 3 nights is the longest absense from either parent.

60/40 Custody Schedule for a Toddler

60/40 custody schedule for a toddler or pre-school child

For a baby, toddler or other pre-school child, the ideal schedule has frequent, short visits with the "40% parent". The top-rated parenting plan has a weekend visit each Saturday or Sunday plus a visit every Tuesday and Thursday.

  • The schedule has consistent care arrangements during the week plus a little variety on the weekends.
  • The child is never away from the majority-care parent for more than 1 night and from the other parent for more than 2 nights.

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Important message!

Other schedules may be better depending on your situation. Timtab automatically generates different parenting plans depending on child ages, travel times and timetable preferences.

Join Timtab to find the best schedule for your child or children.

60/40 Schedules for Long Travel Distances

Driving on expressway for a changeover

Longer travel distances and times call for very different 60/40 schedules. Timtab reduces travel costs by generating schedules with fewer changeovers and less midweek travel. Let's look at the best schedules if the parent with 40% care lives 90 minutes from the main carer.

Long distance schedule for a toddler

60/40 long-distance custody schedule for a pre-school child

For a child who hasn't started school (and who doesn't have brothers or sister attending school), the top-rated schedule is a weekly timetable. The child overnights with the "40% parent" on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

  • The schedule consists of 2 visits per week of 2 nights and 1 night.
  • Each parent has the same "on" and "off" days every week, making it easier to organize daycare.

60/40 distance schedule for a school-age child

60/40 long-distance custody schedule for a school-age child

For a child attending school, the top-rated plan has a simple schedule where the child spends every Friday to Monday with one parent and all time during the week with the other.

  • The "40% parent" lives too far away for commuting during the week, meaning they end up monopolizing weekends.
  • And the 60/40 requirements leaves the other parent with no weekend time.

Timtab would not normally recommend such a plan because of the lack of balance in weekend time. A less even schedule, such as 70/30 or 80/20, may be better when one parents lives far away from a child's school.

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