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Create your parenting schedule and plan. Timtab gives you the world's best timetable, planning and mediation software. It's easy to use and, right now, it's free.

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4 Steps to an Agreed Plan

Enter basic details

Enter basic information about the parents and child(ren), such as names, child ages and travel times.

Create your care schedule

Timtab will give you an initial care schedule, showing which days you have the child or children. You can adjust this by adding personal preferences.

Create your parenting plan

Timtab will give you an initial parenting plan, containing the care schedule and arrangements for changeovers and holidays. You can easily make changes and add sections.

Online mediation if you want

You can use Timtab's online mediation software to develop your plan with the other parent. It's super easy. Each parent just clicks to either agree, or suggest a change or addition.

Amazing value

Save Money

Digital technology let's you do things for free. You don't have to pay mediation and legal professionals.

Smart schedules

Get a Great Plan

Timtab has next-generation software. You can create the perfect schedule and plan for your situation.

Easy solutions

Everyone Happy

Online planning and mediation gives great results without stress. It's a win-win for parents and kids.

Give your child or children the best parenting plan they can possibly have.