Custody Schedule Examples by Age

The most popular custody schedules are 'Every Other Weekend', '3-2-2', 'Every Other Weekend Plus a Mid-Week Visit' and 'Week About'. Let's look at examples of all the top child visitation schedules by age.

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The visitation schedules shown are examples only. You can join Timtab to make a free schedule using time-pattern AI technology. The schedule may have stages and will account for:

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  • travel times
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  • school breaks
  • user preferences.
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50/50 Custody Schedule Examples

50/50 custody schedule for a preschooler

2-1-1-1-1-1 (6 visits a fortnight)

For a preschool child, the best 50/50 schedules have frequent changeovers. Getting to 50/50 can be done by having 6 visits a fortnight with each parent, including a stay of two nights.
Ages 0-5

Example of a 50/50 custody schedule for a young schoolchild

1-2-1-1-2 (split weekends)

Around the ages 5 to 8, kids are very active and want to see both parents often. The "split weekends" schedule is well balanced and can be used if parents live near one another.
Ages 5-8

50/50 custody schedule example for ages 8 and above

3-2-2 (alternating blocks)

A popular schedule when parents are both close to school is 3-2-2. Each parent has 3 nights on alternate weekends and a pair of weekday nights every week. The schedule is ideal for ages 8+.
Ages 13+Ages 8+

Summer week about 50/50 custody schedule

Week about (alternating weeks)

A common schedule is "week about" or "alternating weeks". This fortnightly schedule is overused but works well in the summer when children are older.
Summer 13+

60/40 Custody Schedule Examples

60/40 custody schedule for a toddler or preschool child

Mon-Wed-Sat (3 visits a week)

For an infant, toddler or other preschooler, short visits are best. The Mon-Wed-Sat schedule gives the secondary carer 3 short visits each week. These could be overnight stays depending on child age(s).
Ages 0-5

60/40 long-distance custody schedule for a pre-school child

Tue-Fri-Sat (3 days a week)

For a preschooler whose parents live quite a distance apart, a 1-2 weekly schedule can work nicely. In the example, one parent has care every Tuesday and Fri-Sat.
DistanceAges 0-5

60/40 custody schedule with 5 visits a fortnight

1-1-2-1-1 (5 visits a fortnight)

When a school child is not ready for long stays away from Mom or Dad, the 1-1-2-1-1 schedule is a good one. Extra travel is minimal if both parents can easily do school pick ups and drop offs.
Ages 5-8

3-2-1 60/40 custody schedule

3-2-1 (classic 60/40)

3-2-1 is a well-balanced schedule and a close variation on the 3-2-2. The timetable has alternating blocks but with one parent having every Tuesday (or every Wednesay if preferred).
Ages 13+Ages 8+

60/40 long-distance custody schedule for a school-age child

Every weekend (extended)

If a parent can't do school runs, they could instead have the child every weekend for a 3-day visit. The drawback is that the child is always "away" on the weekend.
DistanceAges 13+Ages 8+Ages 5-8

65/35 Custody Schedule Examples

65/35 custody schedule for a preschooler

Wednesday and alternating Sat, Sun, Mon

A baby, toddler or other preschooler can see both parents often with a 65/35 split. For example, the secondary carer can have every Wednesday. As well, the days from Saturday to Monday alternate between parents.
Ages 0-5

65/35 custody schedule for a young schoolchild

1-2 repeat (5 single days spread over fortnight)

For a young schoolchild, a good example schedule is a repeating cycle of 1 day with one parent and then 2 days with the primary carer. For convenience, most changeovers can happen via school.
Ages 5-8

65/35 custody schedule for ages 8 plus

1-3-1 (classic 65/35)

The classic 65/35 schedule has a 3-day visit every other weekend. As well, the child visits the non-primary carer on alternating Mondays and Thursdays. Time away is a few days at most.
Ages 13+Ages 8+

65/35 custody schedule not recommended

Every other weekend plus a mid-week visit

A common visitation schedule is for one parent to see their child every other weekend and on Wednesdays. While the timetable is simple to follow, the visits are poorly spaced out.
Better ones available

65/35 custody schedule for schoolchild with a long-distance parent

2 and 3 night weekends

If one parent lives far away (say, 90+ minutes), visits every weekend are needed for a 65/35 percentage split. Visits can alternate between 2 and 3 overnights.
DistanceAges 13+Ages 8+Ages 5-8

70/30 Custody Schedule Examples

70/30 custody schedule for a preschooler

Tuesday and Saturday

30 percent custody works out to 2 days a week. Tuesday and Saturday visits is a good pairing, balancing a visit at the start of each weekend with a weekday visit.
Ages 0-5

70/30 custody schedule for a young schoolchild

Wednesday and Sunday

Once a child is going to school, Wednesday and Sunday are good times to visit the secondary carer. A Sunday overnight allows the parent to drop the child off at school Monday morning.
Ages 5-8

70/30 custody schedule for ages 8 to 13

1-2-1 (classic 70/30)

With the classic 70-30 schedule, one parent has a 2-night visit every other weekend. They also have overnight visits on the Thursday and Monday either side of their weekend off.
Ages 8+

70/30 custody schedule for a teenager

Extended weekend plus a Monday

For a teenager, a popular 70/30 custody plan is every other weekend (3 nights) plus a Monday. The Monday visit shortens time away from the non-primary carer.
Ages 13+

70/30 custody schedule for a teen with a long-distance parent

2 out of 3 weekends

A tri-weekly schedule is a good way for a teen to regularly see a parent who lives far away. 2 out of 3 weekends are spent with the long-distance parent.
DistanceAges 13+

80/20 Custody Schedule Examples

80/20 custody schedule for a child aged 7 and under

A Monday, Sunday and Saturday each fortnight

80/20 works out to only a few days each fortnight for one parent. The best example schedule for a young child has these visits on a Monday, Sunday and Saturday.
Ages 5-8Ages 0-5

80/20 custody schedule for a child aged 8 or older

Every other weekend plus a Monday

For older children, the "20% parent" can provide care for 2 nights every other weekend as well as the Monday following their week off. The Monday visit prevents a large gap between visits.
Ages 13+Ages 8+

80/20 custody schedule for an older child with a long-distance parent

Every other weekend (extended)

If one parent lives far from school, the best 80/20 schedule for an older child is every other weekend. The child visits the parent for 3 consecutive nights each fortnight.
DistanceAges 13+Ages 8+

85/15 Custody Schedule Examples

85/15 custody schedule for all ages

A Sunday and Saturday each fortnight

An 85/15 split means one care day a week for one parent. A schedule that works OK at all ages is to have the weekly visit alternate between Saturday and Sunday.
Ages 13+Ages 8+Ages 5-8Ages 0-5

85/15 custody schedule with a long-distance parent

Every other weekend

Every other weekend is the main 85/15 schedule when one parent lives some distance away. For younger children, only use this if travel times are very long.
DistanceAges 13+Ages 8+Ages 5-8Ages 0-5

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