Just helping parents make the world's best parenting plans

You can have a world-class parenting plan for your child or children. And you don't need a big legal budget or special skills. Timtab helps parents design parenting plans that work. Our technology is intelligent and easy to use. Whether you live in the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia or elsewhere, a great schedule and plan for your situation is available right here.

Custody solutions

Schedules and plans

Timtab technology has custody solutions for coparents. Schedules and plans are produced after hundreds of calculations. Recommended solutions consider factors such as child ages, travel costs, school hours and time balance.

Child welfare focus

Happy children!

Timtab started in Australia in 2010 when founder, economist Dr Andrew Lancaster, tried to figure out the best arrangement for his son and daughter (pictured with their baby sister). Timtab's goal has always been to keep kids connected to parents.

Easy arrangements

Smooth changeovers

Co-parenting works when a smooth changeover of care is followed by another and another, and so on. Timtab tries to make that happen. The plans for parents to follow are simple and clear. Schedules are designed for convenience.

Flexible agreements

Helping parents agree

When parents dispute custody, the only winners are lawyers and the rest of the family law industry. You can use Timtab to help reach agreement. Plans are efficient but also flexible. You can make adjustments so everyone is happy.

Give your child or children the best parenting plan they can possibly have.

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