Just helping parents make the world's best parenting plans

You can have a world-class parenting plan for your child or children. And you don't need a big legal budget or special skills. Timtab helps parents design parenting plans that work. Our technology is intelligent and easy to use. A great schedule and plan for your situation can be created right here.

Our Co-Parenting Tools

Schedule creator

Basic parenting care schedule or timetable

Get an efficient, auto-generated schedule based on child ages and travel times

Schedule developer

Advanced parenting care schedule or timetable

Refine your parenting schedule by adding personal preferences and conditions

Schedule rater

Rated parenting care schedule or timetable

Rate any parenting schedule by scoring it against computer-generated options

Plan creator

Basic parenting plan

Get a simple auto-generated parenting plan as the template for a final plan

Plan developer

Advanced parenting plan

Develop your plan by adding as many (or as few) extra sections as you like

Online mediation

Mediation parents

Use online software for mediation of a parenting plan that you both agree on

The Timtab Story

Timtab started with our creator, Andrew Lancaster, sketching out his own co parenting schedule with a pen and paper. He moved to a spreadsheet and things started to develop from there. Scheduling and planning isn't easy to do well. Our goal has always been to bring smart technology to parents.

  • Andrew Lancaster
    Creator and Director

    Andrew Lancaster

    The technology behind Timtab was developed by Dr Andrew Lancaster. You can partly thank the Family Court for Timtab. Andrew was surprised to see children, including his own, being asked to follow made-up, 2nd-rate plans. He set out to create digital tools that would improve planning.

  • UniCurve


    Timtab has been developed by UniCurve: an internet company with information websites. As well as running timtab.com, we publish course guides for university students.

  • Timtab
    About the name


    "Timtab" abbreviates "timetable" (also called a "schedule").

Give your child or children the best parenting plan they can possibly have.