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Simple Child Support Calculator

For a simple and easy calculation of child support in Florida, we suggest trying the James Mullaney calculator. Florida appears to lack an official, government-sponsored calculator that is reliable and easy to use.

The James Mullaney calculator is quite simple and easy to use. But note that the estimator may not always be accurate and completely up to date for 2024.

In the state of Florida, the result of an online calculation should normally be interpreted carefully. You should treat the estimate as no more than a preliminary indication of the child support amount you could receive or be required to pay.

Overnights Calculator for Florida

According to Florida child support guidelines, payment amounts depend on how many overnight stays a child has with each parent annually.

Use this overnights calculator to work out how many nights of care you provide.

Calculate annual overnight stays

Regular nights
Vacation nights each year*
183 overnight stays per year.
50.0% of parenting time.

* Vacation nights are all nights when the regular schedule does not apply.

How Child Support is Calculated in Florida


Child support payments in Florida are calculated using the income shares method. Payments depend on the combined incomes of the parents as well as the number of children. A larger combined income or more children usually means greater payments.

The amount paid or received by an individual parent also depends on income and parenting time percentages.

  • If your income percentage (your share of combined income) is higher than your care percentage (share of parenting time), you are probably the payer.
  • The receiver is normally the parent with a care percentage above their income percentage.

Floridians paying the most child support have high incomes and rarely look after their children. On the flipside, the biggest receivers are parents who (a) work little (b) have their kids nearly all the time and (c) have a high earner as the other parent.

Online Florida child support calculators typically fail to generate accurate results. The payment amounts calculated do not reliably predict what a judge would order at a hearing. Judges use a far more complicated method.

The main factors determining the amount of support to be paid are the combined monthly incomes of both parents and the number of children they share. The number of overnight stays each parent has with the children will also impact the amount of child support required. Additional factors such as the medical, dental, psychological, and educational needs of the child will also be considered.

Florida Law Advisors

Floridian child support guidelines apply to the whole state, including the cities of Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg and Hialeah. Variations in support payments may be made by the agreement of parents or at the discretion of a judge presiding over your case.

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