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Simple Child Support Calculator

For a simple and easy calculation of child support in Texas, we recommend using the Monthly Child Support Calculator.

The Monthly Child Support Calculator is quite simple and easy to use. You can also expect it to be accurate and kept up to date in 2024.

For the state of Texas, we advise against using a different calculator as the results may be innacurate or misleading.

Texas Parenting Time Calculator

While Texas child support guidelines focus on which parent is the "custodial parent", parenting time shares have the potential to affect child support. Actual parenting time percentages could influence the order a judge makes or how much parents agree to.

Use this overnights calculator to work out your parenting time percentage. Most states measure parenting time based on overnight stays.

Calculate annual overnight stays

Regular nights
Vacation nights each year*
183 overnight stays per year.
50.0% of parenting time.

* Vacation nights are all nights when the regular schedule does not apply.

How Child Support is Calculated in Texas


Child support payments in Texas are calculated using the income percentage method. Payments are calculated as a fraction of the non-custodial parent’s income. The more children involved, the higher amount that will generally have to be paid.

Texans paying the most child support have high incomes and multiple children. The biggest recipients of child support are parents with primary care of multiple children where the paying parent has a high income.

Income deductions are available if you (a) are providing (or can provide) health insurance for your children (b) are providing (or can provide) dental insurance for your children (c) are a member of a union and make regular payments to be a member of the union or (d) work or reside in a state where a state income tax is assessed against your income.

Under the Texas Family Code guidelines, the obligor’s child support is calculated as follows: For 1 child, 20% of their monthly net resources. For 2 children, 25% of their monthly net resources. For 3 children, 30% of their monthly net resources.

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Texan child support guidelines apply to the whole state, including the cities of Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington and Corpus Christi. Variations in support payments may be made by the agreement of parents or at the discretion of a judge presiding over your case.

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