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Simple Child Support Calculator

For a simple and easy calculation of child support in Hawaii, we suggest trying the All Law calculator. Hawaii appears to lack an official, government calculator that is easy to use.

The All Law calculator is quite simple and easy to use. But note that the estimator may not always be accurate and up to date for 2024. For a more reliable assessment, you can try the official version.

In the state of Hawaii, the result of an online calculation should be interpreted carefully. You should treat the estimate as just a preliminary indication of the child support amount you could receive or be required to pay.

Parenting Time Calculator for Hawaii

According to Hawaii child support guidelines, payment amounts depend on how much time a child spends with the non-custodial parent.

Use this calculator to work out how much care the non-custodial parent provides. Remember to add in all fractions of days when the non-custodial parent has parenting time.

Calculate parenting time %

Regular days
Vacation days each year*
183 days per year.
50.0% of parenting time.

* Vacation days are all days when the regular schedule does not apply.

How Child Support is Calculated in Hawaii


Child support payments in Hawaii are calculated using the income shares category method. Payments depend on the combined incomes of the parents as well as the number of children. A larger combined income or more children usually means greater payments.

The amount paid or received by an individual parent also depends on their income percentage. The higher your percentage of combined parent income, the more you pay or less you receive.

Payments are also affected by which parenting time category applies. Payments may be lower because of a "shared" (fairly equal) care arrangement.

Hawaiians paying the most child support have high incomes and limited parenting time. Conversely, the biggest receivers are parents who (a) work little (b) have their kids most of the time and (c) have a high earner as the other parent.

The formula considers the gross monthly incomes of both parties, then factors in medical insurance premiums and child care costs. Where one party is also paying alimony to the other party, that amount will be factored in. The Court may account for exceptional circumstances, such as the need to support other children.

The amount of child support is calculated in Hawaii by using the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet. The formula of the support payment takes into account the Payor’: Net Income, Earnings Income, Amounts Paid For Child’s Medical Insurance, and Child Care Expenses. Currently, the minimum child support under Hawaii law is $70 per child, per month.

Cain and Herren

Hawaiian child support guidelines apply to the whole state, including the cities of Honolulu, Pearl City, Hilo and Waipahu. Variations in support payments may be made by the agreement of parents or at the discretion of a judge presiding over your case.

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